Stainless Steel Braided Power Steering Hose Kit Ford T-Bird Rack And Pinion

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 Stainless steel braided power steering hose kit for 1984-88 T-Bird and 1979-93 Mustang racks to most Ford or GM style internal reservoir power steering pumps. The hoses provide a custom look without the need to buy any additional parts. This kit is designed for drivers side pumps and may require hoses to be trimmed to length.
  • (1) 30" stainless steel braided hose with 90° ends that swivel 360 degrees installed (pressure line) 
  • (1) 25" stainless steel braided hose with 90 end that swivel 360 degrees on rack side and cut to fit with clamp, pump side (return line) 
  • (1) Custom clamp cover for the return hose which connects to a hose nipple on the pump
  • Rack fittings with O-rings in this kit are one each, 16mm or 5/8"-18, and one each, 14mm or 9/16"-18